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Jake & The Jellyfish album 'Dead Weight' JATJF01

The new album from punk/folk/reggae outift Jake & The Jellyfish on lovely Green Vinyl with free download. Released on their own label

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1. Intro
2. DIY
3. Coffee Tally
4. Dead Weight
5. Tour Talk
6. Don't Follow The Leader
7. 23
8. Intentions/Expectations
9. Borders
10. Real Life
11. Homesick
12. Hypocrites

Recorded by Kurt 'The Hair' Wood at Jam on Top Studios and a bit in his room July 25th-December 16th 2014

Accordion on '23', 'DFTL', 'Real Life' and 'Borders' by Joe Wasters
T-Bone on 'Coffee Tally' by Robin Leitch

Pressing Information

First Press : Green Vinyl

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