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Jaya The Cat - Basement Style

This is the re-release by Ring Of Fire Records of Jaya The Cat's official first album from 2001 with completely new artwork, on 180g White Vinyl , or Vinyl effect CD

All Vinyl comes with free download.

01. Intro
02. Are You With Me?
03. The Bottle And The Cross
04. Shit Jobs For Rock
05. The Wilderness
06. State Of Emergency
07. Forward
08. Cultifornia
09. Borrowed Time
10. Painful Memory
11. Convenience Store
12. God And State
13. Pass Out
14. Just Another Question
15. Car Crash
16. State Of Emergency Dub
17. Dominant Paradigm
18. Six Cold Beers
19. Basement Style

Pressing Information

Vinyl with a gatefold cover (limited first pressing of 1000 copies with white 180g Vinyl)
Digisleeve CD with a 12-pages booklet and Vinyl Effect CD

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